TheraFace PRO

Award-winning, all-in-one skincare device
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Meet TheraFace PRO

Microcurrent Ring

Firms and tightens skin. Improves muscle tone in face/neck. Helps firm and plump for youthful glow.

LED Red Light Setting

Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Pairs with percussive attachments.

LED Blue Light Setting

Helps reduce mild to moderate acne. Should not be used with percussive attachments.

LED: Red + Infrared Light

Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Warming temporarily reduces pain. Pairs with percussive attachments.

Percussive: Flat

General use for tension relief in the entire face neck, chest.

Percussive: Micropoint

Maximize circulation for larger areas such as forehead, cheeks and chest.

Percussive: Cone

More precise treatment in targeted areas such as around eyes, nasolabial lines, and pressure points.

Cleansing Ring

Removes build up of dirt, oil, debris. Percussive-based cleansing enhances removal of pore-blocking debris and dead skin.

How to use
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